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Phase I: Research

In the very first stage, you supply us the fundamental information regarding your strategic position on the market, as well as your long-term objectives.
Then we completely plunge in your company's business. We conduct a more thorough research, investigating the industry you are involved in, your competition and target audience, in order to collect supplementary information. Three important steps are to be followed during this survey:
Research | Design | Development | Support

  • Evaluating the information and selecting the relevant, vital data which best contribute to the achievement of your intended goal.
  • Identifying the ways in which data are to be reorganized and tailored to your specific needs.
  • Combining data and research activity with creative concepts and ideas.

Phase II: Design

This particular phase devolves fundamentally on direct communication and exchange of conceptual ideas between our team and the client. As a result of this active cooperation, the final solution will consist of a strong interplay of modularity, scalability, aesthetic integrity, reliability and appropriateness as to our client's intended objectives.

Phase III: Development and Testing

The selected concept is further amended and revised, then undergoes a full-scale process of benchmarking and testing which ensures its appropriateness and functionality at maximum parameters.
We also run a series of streamlined QA tests which cover the overall aspects of the design and guarantee its functionality at peak performance.
We provide the files in any usual format required for print and web.

Phase IV: Post Launch Support Training

Ideance also provides a wide range of high-end post launch services:
  • search engine optimization
  • 24/7 website maintenance
  • website updating

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