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Romanians Week
Romanians Week
Encountering absolutely no politically-related aspects and offering Romanians from all over the world the unique opportunity to state their needs and bring forward significant cultural and emigration-related matters, the annual "Săptămâna românilor" ("Romanians Week") event was held this year in Hamilton, Ontario and welcomed numerous cultural personalities and local authorities. The main purpose of this event was to establish a bridge and strengthen the relationships between Romanian communities from abroad.

We enthusiastically undertook the challenge of developing and applying an appropriate, fresh identity concept which would convey the nature and focus of the event and generate awareness.

As part of the event identity, the logo that we have developed symbolically features the national flag and Brancusi's "Coloana Infinitului" ("Endless Column"), evoking our infinite spiritual resources: whereas countries may have borders, our people's aspirations transgress frontiers. The mild and warm colors of the logo translate precisely the confident, optimistic nature of our nation and contribute to event awareness enhancement.

Either by offering our design services to charities and nongovernmental organizations or by sponsoring cultural events such as "Săptămâna românilor" ("Romanians Week"), we have always shown particular interest, receptiveness and willingness to help Romanian associations and organizations communicate their message and mission to the world.

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